WWF videos on Groundwater

Since the drought in the Western Cape, groundwater has become a debated topic, and an interest in boreholes, springs and aquifers has grown. World Wildlife Fund South Africa (WWF-SA) commissioned Mycelium Media Colab to produce two educational videos that explore our underground water in Cape Town.

Video 1 Understanding our groundwater in the Mother City takes viewers on a journey to experience the invisible, renewable resource of groundwater in Cape Town, through the use of graphics, explanations from local hydrogeologists, and a visit to residential and industrial borehole owners that are part of a groundwater monitoring network set up by WWF-SA.

Video 2, Practical guide to measuring the water level in your borehole is a DIY explanation on simple techniques of measuring your own borehole water level.

Presenter: Kia Johnson
Director: Jacqueline van Meygaarden
Editor: Jemima Spring
Producer: Liezel Vermeulen
Graphics: Natalie Nolte