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We are a network of changemakers, regenerators and multimedia creatives working on different aspects and at different scales but all with the same passion to bring about a better world. A critical element necessary for large-scale transformation of our social and economic systems is the ongoing co-creation and sharing of knowledge.

DENISHA ANANDBiodiversity Project Manager and Researcher
Speciality Area Research, storytelling, facilitation, environmental education, restorative conservation
Experience 5 years in biodiversity project management, environmental education: generating learning material, workbooks, workshops etc., management of a 109 ha wetland system, 4 years of immersive environmental anthropology (multispecies ethnography) in the northern cape.
Skills I sit on a section 80 committee for water quality of wetlands and waterways as a community conservation specialist, I’ve built strong community centered networks in the socio environmental space, and am a socio environmental activist.

I live and act for the restorative justice of both place and person.

DISNEY ANDREASCommunications Officer
Speciality Area Social media, photography and videography
Experience 5 years in the multimedia space
Skills Strategic planning

I promote sustainable development in biodiversity and the conservation of natural resources for the benefit of future generations. I believe in creating safe spaces and platforms for unheard voices to be able to share their messages including challenges faced and success stories.

TESSA BARLINDocumentary Filmmaker
Speciality Area Producing, Camera Operating, Video Editing
Experience Six years experience working on various film, video and photography projects, from environmental documentaries and human-centred conservation stories, to educational series and social media content.
Skills Filming, photography, video editing, concept development, proposal writing, budgeting.

In order to tell compelling stories that inspire audiences to take action for a more sustainable, biodiverse world, we need to create stronger bonds between filmmakers and scientists. Strong research needs strong storytelling to get everyone on board.

PHOEBE BARNARDGlobal Change & Biodiversity Ecologist, Film Producer, Policy Strategist
Speciality Area Ecosystems; species; climate vulnerability; societal and environmental big issues
Experience A global change and biodiversity scientist with 34 years working on African national development. She founded and led science-based national policy and strategy programs on biodiversity, climate change, and environmental futures in Namibia and South Africa in the past 3 decades and is now Stable Planet Alliance’s CEO, full professor at University of Washington’s Center for Environmental Politics and School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science, and associate researcher at the FitzPatrick Institute and African Climate and Development Initiative of the University of Cape Town.

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Skills A combination of ecology, strategy and communications, Phoebe is a collaborative team-builder, conflict-resolver, women’s leadership mentor and policy strategist.

The world doesn’t have to be this way, and it really doesn’t have to end this way. We can change it. We are changing it. So let’s take back out power and agency to create a new kinder, wiser, humbler, and more sustainable civilization.

BARRY CHRISTIANSONDocumentary Photographer, Photojournalist & Writer
Speciality Area Photography, Photojournalism, Narrative writing
Experience Working as a photojournalist and writer since 2019, he has attended the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Kigali and the New York Times Portfolio Review. Barry was also the recipient of the National Geographic Society Covid-19 Reporting Grant and is currently working on a project funded by the Pulitzer Center. His work has been published in various national and international publications, and he is currently a frequent contributor to Nature.
Skills Barry’s experience is as a photographer, photojournalist, and writer.

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Projects he works on require him to do the work of finding contacts and access, executing the work and then getting it published. Barry spent the first 17 years of his life as a web developer, leaving him with insight into both the creative and tech worlds.

I use my photographic practice as a powerful sense making tool that
allows participating communities and others to view and engage with
these complex realities in ways that allow for new understanding and
imperatives for action.

ANGELA COETZEEResearcher, Consultant, Project Manager
Speciality Area Project and process design and strategy, based on sound research and contextual understanding and logic, and building strong effective teams to implement this work whilst playing to their strengths and serving their passions. I have a keen interest in socio-economic development work, particularly focused on food sovereignty and sustainable livelihoods, and unlocking agency through emancipatory education, training and learning. All of this demands a sound understand and appreciation of complexity and enrolling people into systems change.

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Experience Fundraising and project support acquisition. Multi-country project management for local and international donors and corporate clients. Project and programme design in areas of speciality. Research, writing and editing for academic and mainstream audiences. Communications strategy development for social development or advocacy organisations. Process and/or learning facilitation for the higher education, non-profit and corporate environment.
Skills Strategy development; Project/programme design; Project management; Research, writing and editing; Facilitation and training.

If we don’t challenge the systems that limit people from fully being human then we rob ourselves (and others) from experiencing an abundant life and therefore from living in a healthier world. Enabling this change starts in our minds – by designing a new story…

Speciality Area Sustainable design and CGI animation, strategic planning
and promotion of sustainable development in biodiversity and conservation.
Experience 3 years in the multimedia space, with abilities in sustainable vfx, sustainable area scenery creation and sustainable film composition.
Skills 3d modeling, 3d animation, film composition and vfx. He is keen to co-produce a film to promote regeneration.

As you begin to understand that sustainable development is not an expense but a necessity for the salvation of humanity, you are holding a crystal ball.

SANDRA DODSONWriter, Researcher & Editor
Speciality Area Writing. Relationship between storytelling and the visual arts. English language and literature, and international artworld experience
Experience Freelance work for Clarity Global, Roothold Sustainability Communications and Advisory, and The Green Connection. Copyedited numerous World Bank and other reports dealing with plastic pollution, deforestation, climate change and other critical environmental issues.
Chief writer, researcher and editor for the Keiskamma Art Project retrospective, ‘Umaf’evuka, nje ngenyanga/Dying and rising, as the moon does: Celebrating two decades of the Keiskamma Art Project’.

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Currently compiling and editing the monograph that will accompany the exhibition on its international tour. The exhibition, held at the historic Old Jail at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg, received very positive international coverage (BBC, CNN, Hyperallergic, among others). Notably, the Keiskamma Art Project’s latest large-scale artwork, Umlibo, on the theme of climate change, was exhibited at COP28 in Dubai.
Experience working for the Cape Town-based literacy NGO FunDza, editing and mentoring the work of young black writers. None of these rural artists speaks fluent English, as isiXhosa is their first language. Sandra’s intention was to create a dynamic digital archive of written and visual material, documenting their extraordinary output over the past two decades. The artists’ contributions capture regional knowledge of Xhosa history and cosmogony, in the form of folk tales, legends, and nature lore, all of which are integral to the artworks themselves.
Volunteer at a multimedia group exhibition titled, ‘Our Ocean is Sacred: You Can’t Mine Heaven.’ Held in a popup gallery at Zero Eitz Project Space, the exhibition was a direct response to the threat of seismic surveys and ocean oil and gas exploration along South Africa’s west and east coast
Skills With degrees in English languages and literatures from UCT and Oxford, a love of creative non-fiction and years of experience in the international art world, Sandra has an understanding of the powerful relationship between storytelling and visual imagery. She has an international network of contacts. She has an understanding of the value of clear, transparent, consistently ethical communication to reach and persuade a target audience.

I feel honoured to be part of a growing global network of people committed to reimagining our relationship with the Earth and one another, so that our planet flourishes and all of our children have a future.

Speciality Area Social & environmental impact sector
Experience Working in the social & environmental impact sector for over 10 years, consulting with and producing stories for various nonprofits and academics.
Skills Impact Story Telling: Concept Development, Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Learning Design: Design, facilitation & training

I believe storytelling has a central role to play in building a sustainable, integrated and compassionate community.

Speciality Area Community engagement and sustainable development through digital media
Experience 12+ years of experience helping governments and companies engage with local communities around sustainability through digital tools and communication channels.
Skills Organising community focussed events (budgeting, planning, marketing, engaging with under-represented groups).

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Measuring and tracking social and environmental impact. Programme and project management planning and delivery skills (skilled at bringing people together and delivering projects on budget and on time)

I’m passionate about engaging and working with existing networks and communities of practice to share knowledge and expertise. I’m curious about how we can learn from global success stories to instigate sustained change at a local level.

VANESSA FARRResearcher and Activist
Speciality Area Gender and (armed) violence; water; agroecology; international environmental and gender Treaties; citizen science and participation in governance
Experience Twenty years of working on the gendered impacts of militarism and coloniality, and their environmental impacts
Skills A multi-disciplinary feminist analysis of the socio-economic & environmental impacts of patriarchy; analysis, theorizing, writing and public speaking; networking and fund-raising

I embrace the principle that to work ecologically is to work in relationships of responsibility and care for all that gives life.

HAILEY GAUNTWriter, Podcast Producer
Speciality Area Writing, podcast production, regenerative agriculture
Experience Using a variety of media and storytelling techniques Hailey creates persuasive, educational, entertaining content. This might mean writing an in-depth feature, creating a digital magazine, podcast, website or social media campaign. She is especially interested in work linked to regenerative agriculture and ocean sustainability.
Skills With over ten years of professional writing experience, Hailey has primarily worked with non-profits, social enterprises, and development organisations in Africa. In her most recent role as

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the managing editor at a Cape Town-based marketing firm, she collaborated with individuals in higher education and the public and private spheres to focus on African upliftment through entrepreneurship and education. This role taught Hailey to maintain a high-level view while remaining deeply collaborative as she juggled a range of tasks, including training junior writers, project managing, writing, and copy-editing.

A well-told story gets us in the heart or gut–one or another vital organ–and only then does it travel to our brain and, later, move our feet. Change in this world requires that we keep accessing one of our most ancient inventions: a compelling narrative.

HANNAH HOPPERCommunications Officer
Speciality Area Organic agriculture
Experience Academic research, communications support, mentoring and teaching youth
Skills Communications and research

I am looking to share knowledge and experience with others passionate about regenerative systems, and can offer both practical and academic knowledge. I am currently pursuing my post graduate in Sustainable Development.

Speciality Area Short documentary films for NGOs dealing with health, housing, employment and environmental concerns.
Experience I started out in the commercials industry and I shifted my career in order to work for organisations who align with my values. I am a trained crisis counsellor with 10 years experience at Life Line and am involved in community organisations on a personal level. I was a co-ordinator for the Seaboard Community Action Network (CAN) during Covid, working closely with the Gugulethu CAN and others and I actively support the right to

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affordable housing in Cape Town, most notably the campaign for social housing at Tafelberg School. We are currently forming a YIMBY movement in order to encourage a more inclusive neighbourhood and Cape Town.
Skills Producing, directing, filming, editing and writing. My counselling training helps me as a filmmaker to be an effective listener and hold difficult spaces.

I’m a filmmaker with a background in editing. Often shooting alone, I have worked in a number of African countries. Environmental and social issues are close to my heart and I am passionate about telling stories.

KIA JOHNSONMycelium Founding member, TV & Radio Presenter, Producer
Speciality Area Skilled TV and radio presenter and teacher within the media space.
Experience Over 13 years in radio, over 10 years in TV
Skills Presenting, producing, teaching, writing, media management, master of ceremonies, voiceover artist, voice actress

If we can find balance within the various internal and external issues we all face in our world and be proactive and find ways to meet each other halfway this planet will soon be a better place. I believe you should always reach for the stars and never forget to take your fellow human being on the journey with you.

SAMAH KRICHAHFeminist economics and women, peace and security researcher
Speciality Area Feminist Economics / Women Peace and Security / Gender and Sustainability
Experience For six years has delved into the issue of feminist peace with what that means in terms of sustainability, equal access to resources and the enhancement of life quality for all, especially for women and LGBTQIA+ communities, especially in North Africa. Samah worked as MENA research associate for the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom covering issues related to access to resources and conflict.

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She also undertook the role of feminist economics advocate at the Kvinna Till Kvinna foundation. The latter experience taught her a great deal on the nexus between environment, climate change and climate justice.
Skills Advocacy and activism, policy knowledge, gender analysis, an interdisciplinary approach and community building and networking skills as well as fostering collaborations .

I believe that there’s no social justice and feminist sustainable peace without climate justice and a thriving life for all.

Speciality Area Content Creator
Experience 8 years in film making. Baha, a 2021 graduate from the School of Art and Decoration (EAD), has made a remarkable impact on the world of science and media. He is the innovative mind behind Tunisia’s first pop science YouTube channel, “Draw My Science”, and has collaborated with multiple NGOs on various projects. His notable collaborations include the Tunisian Association of Positive Prevention (ATP+), where he created videos on sexual education and HIV, Access Now, for which he produced a video on the biometric card, and RAWSA MENA…

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…where he wrote and directed a series of five animated videos highlighting the importance of safe abortion in the MENA region. Baha Lajmi’s expertise in the field has been widely recognized, as evidenced by his invitation to serve as a jury member for the Silbersalz Science & Media Festival’s 3rd and 4th editions held in Halle, Germany.
Moreover, in 2019, Baha Lajmi was selected to participate in the World Congress of Science and Factual Producers in Tokyo, where he was an EMERGING PRODUCER. This experience enabled him to showcase his talents, network with other professionals, and further enhance his skills and knowledge. Baha Lajmi’s contributions to science and media have been highly valued, and his work continues to inspire and educate audiences worldwide.
Skills Has skills in crafting engaging scripts and mastering the art of video editing, with a keen understanding of what captivates audiences and how to create compelling content that leaves a lasting impact.

Using the power of storytelling and the lens of my camera, I strive to give a voice to our planet, unveiling the beauty, challenges, and urgency of environmental issues. Together, let’s create a sustainable narrative for a greener and brighter future.

MEGAN LINDOWWriter & Creative Story Worker
Speciality Area Sustainability, climate change, education and food systems
Experience 25 years writing experience and 15 years experience documenting complex processes of development and change. 7 years in oral storytelling, story performance and in diverse practices of working with stories as a touchstone for learning, connecting, navigating change and making meaning in the world.

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Skills Writing and oral story telling. The core value and intent of my story work and writing is to tap the power of story to help us connect and collaborate to bring greater understanding, love, care and sensitivity to our relationships across the living world.

I’m a passionate explorer of the rich and juicy world of stories, the art and science of stories. I believe that through living and telling stories that are nourishing and regenerative, we enliven each other and bring new possibilities to the living world.

MANDY LOMBERGGraphic Designer & Teacher
Speciality Area Multimedia
Experience Teacher, video producer, graphic artist, developer of educational messages, writer of children’s story activity books, layout artist. Creator of ‘Hero in my Hood’ educational books which encourage children to be courageous and kind.
Skills Graphics, layout, development of creative educational messages

My main focus is the creation of positive messaging, particularly with children and the development of empathy to create a kinder and more sustainable world / environment.

VANESSA MACEDODocumentary Filmmaker
Speciality Area Environmental education and documentary filmmaker
Experience Vanessa has designed and facilitated program activities supporting the development of environmental education using video as a creative medium. She has facilitated environmental awareness in schools using arts as a tool for social change.
Skills She has facilitated digital storytelling workshops with youth and has made a few short documentaries.

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The themes for these films were around social and environmental injustices where the idea was to empower the storytellers to be changemakers in their communities.

Small is beautiful and together we can make radical changes.

ISAAC MAFUELCommunications Advocacy and Community Engagement Specialist
Speciality Area Vulnerable and marginalised communities & agroecology
Experience Communications Officer at Soils Food and Healthy Communities under the Knowledge Hub for Organic Agriculture Multiplier Support Program, Communications, Social and Behavioural Change, Facilitation, Community Engagement, Technical and Creative Writing Consultant and Interactive and Legislative Theatre Officer: Theatre for a Change.

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Skills Communication Strategy Development; Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC); Training Facilitation; Community Engagement;
Writing and Editing; Graphic Design and Video Production; Gender-Based Violence Prevention, Activism; Translations; Subtitling; Video Dubbing; Voice Overs and Interactive Theatre Practitioner.

Communications professional with a passion for sustainable development and community empowerment. Committed to using skills to make a positive impact on the world and ensure households are self-sufficient through sustainable means of production.

ODETTE MAVUNGACommunication Officer
Speciality Area Multimedia and regeneration
Experience Junior editor and production manager
Skills Editor, story writing, production and communication skills

I would like to make the world a better place by sharing knowledge with people about the principles of organic agriculture, which are also good principles for life – health, ecology, fairness and care.

Speciality Area Sustainability leadership and ecopreneurship
Experience 18 years of working in capacity building and experiential learning journey development and implementation
Skills Learning journey development methodologies, immersive and experiential environments and ideation.

I have been very lucky to have worked in unique and stimulating development spaces and I want to dedicate the next decade to building thing peoples capacity to become more resilient and also better connected to the magnificent natural world we are a part of.

THABO MOLELEKWAJounalist & Writer
Speciality Areas Climate change, food security, nutrition, HIV & TB and energy transition
Experience Thabo has experience in food security, climate change, energy transition reporting and editing copy. He has managed teams of journalists at Health-e News and at the Heinrich Boell Foundation.
Skills Strong writing & editing; project management; social media; research and good knowledge and understanding of current trends health and environmental systems, climate, energy transition and food security.

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Writing is the light that illuminates the darkest corners, and journalism is the compass that guides us through the complexities of truth.

SIYABONGA MNGOMACommunications Officer
Speciality Area Agroecology
Experience Professional communications manager having worked with large and small organisations to build brands, engage stakeholders and institute effective communication mechanisms.
Skills Strategic communications function, including social media and activism.

I joined the network to share knowledge and collaborate in the regenerative sector. I add value by offering food systems impact solutions, and in activism for change.

MEGAN NELLWriter, Director and Editor for Theatre, Film and Installation
Speciality Area Botanical Storytelling
Experience 20 years in storytelling – from children’s TV to touring interactive theatre pieces. Working on the Turning Into Flowers project with Rupert Koopman and Tiffani Dlamini since 2018, exploring the unique floral heritage of South Africa and the idea of the beloved landscape. documenting floral species in situ and human responses to these species.
Skills Interactive performance and storytelling, and creating spaces of play and story that allow people to connect with their own memories and to dream their own futures.

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Always ready to share ideas of what can help get people participating. Science knowledge is full of poetry, Megan loves to help bring out the image and poetry of scientific work. She’s produced and stage managed for small-footprint low-budget productions in theatre and film and can take an idea from page to stage or screen (or Fynbos arena).

I think as storytellers, it is our job to open pathways to allow people to reconnect with their own roots in the natural world. If we are able to feel connected to the world around us, we are able to draw strength from it and fight for it.

NATALIE NOLTEMycelium Founding Member, Graphic/Web Designer and Filmmaker
Speciality Area Visual communication for regeneration and education
Experience 20 years in multimedia in international spaces
Skills Digital artworking, typography, layout, branding, print production, web design and implementation, content creation for education, videography, video editing and directing.

In each choice we make, we create the world we experience. I want to live and share the possibilities of a regenerative and healthy existence. Mycelium is a space to explore this together, and explore what it means to truly collaborate on this journey.

FORTUNATE NYAKANDAAgricultural Activist
Speciality Area Organic/ ecosystem-based farming systems
Experience 30 years in the transformative food and farming system space with a focus on advocacy and capacity building work, and holding national, regional and international leadership roles in this regard.
Skills I bring my network and experience in transformative system work to this network.

My work entails empowering communities to farm in an environmental way, eat healthily and generate livelihoods while regenerating the environment. I want to learn from like-minded people that want to bring a sustainable, equitable world into being.

KHANYA PEACOCKGraphic Design and Marketing
Speciality Area Graphic design, digital marketing and website design
Experience With a degree in industrial design Khanya found her passion working as a graphic designer. After 3 years working as the designer for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, the largest conservation NGO in Africa, this was followed by a role as a Digital Marketing Coordinator at a global SME in the IT and cybersecurity industry. Alongside this, she freelanced in graphic design, branding, website design, and social media management for NGOs and small businesses. Recently, Khanya launched her own design and marketing business.

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Skills Graphic design, marketing, website design and social media management specifically focused on Civil Society, NGOs and activist groups. I have a strong understanding of the design and marketing needs of these group whether it be for mobilisation, education or fundraising.

“Sustainability, ensuring the future of life on Earth, is an infinite game, the endless expression of generosity on behalf of all.” — Paul Hawken
I am committed to sustainability, leaving a lasting positive impact in everything I do.

KIRSTEN PEARSONProject Specialist
Speciality Area Storytelling, sketcher explainer videos, data analysis.
Experience Kirsten is a seasoned development practitioner, researcher, and activist. Presently, she holds the position of a project specialist at Corruption Watch. Her professional background includes previous employment at a unit within the National Treasury. Kirsten is an integral part of a community of civil society activists who played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Budget Justice Coalition, maintaining her membership in the organization. Additionally, she actively contributes as a member of the Civil Society Working Group on State Capture.

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Her expertise in budget analysis has garnered recognition in various publications, and she has spearheaded numerous data science projects. Armed with a master’s degree in Development Studies from UCT, Kirsten is also a published author and finds solace and inspiration in the simple act of walking in nature.
Skills Writing, budget analysis, institutional analysis, data storytelling workshops, and a sense of humour

Activism is like breathing and drinking water. I’m a writer, storyteller, data scientist, dreamer, change-maker and community builder. I recharge in nature which has always been an inspirational habitat for me.

Speciality AreaIn various artistic forms, she explores a wide spectrum of visual expression, including sculpture, design, illustration, animation, puppet making, performance, and immersive events. This multi-talented individual wears many hats, serving as a co-creation guide, teacher, facilitator, and project manager. Her passion extends to the natural world, where she embraces the roles of a dedicated plant knower and grower, studying herbal medicine, foraging wild foods, and researching natural materials. Not only an artist but also a cultural and environmental activist, she uses her art as a catalyst for change, promoting awareness and action on critical issues.

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Experience An artist and in communication with the natural world since a child, and working as a professional artist for 35 years. A creative director of KURUFYNBOS, the creative wing of FynbosLIFE. A co-director of Inmotion studios, focusing on Human & Ocean relations. A concept designer for Joy from Afrika. Angela ran the design and build of the floats for Cape Town Carnival from 2013 till 2020. She works with Puppet Planet a science education project; is a concept designer of the Thembi sculptures at Philippi Village and sculptor of Mama Thembi; a researching creative forms of education as part of the de-colonial project; a founding member of the Muizenberg Community garden and a member of the Cape Town together growers initiative.
SkillsA creative ability and an extensive ground level network.

Our hands are the extension of our hearts and the tools of the divine, gifted us to assist the unfolding of creation.

SHIARA PILLAYProject Manager and Programme Designer
Speciality Area Sustainable Development
Experience Working in civil society space on a variety of roles from administration to project management. She has programme design experience in creating learning journeys and experiences for individuals and networks. She manages small scale productions for learning courseware and promotional materials.
Skills Shiara holds an honours in Sustainable Development. She is a fast learner and has experience in and enjoys working with diverse groups of people.

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She takes a hands on approach to her work, and loves thinking about long term impact and sustainability. She has created, implemented and maintained project management for a number of virtual and face to face programmes, specifically within the civil society space.

I am deeply passionate about our environment and creating a socially aware and just society empowered to support that, and vice versa.

LEE RAELDesigner and Creative Director
Speciality Area Design, UI, UX, Podcasting, Branding, Web design, Project management, WordPress, Webflow, Climate Change, Sustainability
Experience With 24 years of experience, Lee has successfully managed two agencies and contributed to the growth of four startups. Over the last 15 years, Lee’s professional focus has been dedicated to climate and sustainability. In the most recent 2 and a half years, Lee’s attention has shifted towards the critical area of Regeneration.
Skills Lee has been actively engaged in participatory settings, sitting in circles and undergoing

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extensive personal development work. This commitment has translated into refined people skills, showcasing a high level of empathy. With 15 years of experience working with international clients, Lee has cultivated a robust network. Notably, Lee excels in fostering strong client relationships and is highly adept at networking.

To effect real change in the world we need to start inside ourselves and heal internally, approach our inner world regeneratively with self care and love before we can have a hope of creating a new future for our world.

CLAIRE ROUSELLIllustrator, Researcher, Writer and Project Manager
Speciality Areas Graphic harvesting, handdrawn illustration and videos, writing, book making, craftivism, organising/project management, events,
Experience Has worked in a variety of community and organisational structures and in food systems, urban and small scale agriculture.
Skills Has rich and dense networks. The ability to creatively and strategically join dots between issues, systems and networks. A good understanding of the power of visual and creative tools to open up possibilities for new ways of thinking about the challenges we face.

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I believe that hand drawn illustration, animation and graphic harvesting are powerful educational tools that help us to visualise the challenges and opportunities we face in organisations and social movements.

TARYN SELVANVideography Editor
Speciality Areas Taryn specialises in Da Vinci Resolve, excelling in color grading and sound design. She is currently expanding her skill set by learning After Effects and possesses additional proficiency in Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, and Premiere Pro.
Experience Taryn holds a Fine Arts degree with a major in videography, which paved the way for an enriching internship experience abroad alongside two accomplished videographers. During her internship, she honed her video editing skills across a diverse range of projects, from commercial footage to documentaries and personal passion projects.

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Additionally, Taryn dedicated substantial time on set, gaining valuable insights into lighting setups and the intricacies of shoot-day workflows.
Skills Taryn, with a background of living and working abroad, brings a valuable network of connections. Her expertise lies in efficient and quick video editing and videography. She possesses strong interpersonal skills and maintains a constant eagerness to acquire new talents and knowledge.

The art of filmmaking truly has the power to generate emotions and ignite action.

DANIEL SNYDERFilmmaker, Cameraman & Photographer
Speciality Area Capturing images that connect people with themselves, each other and the natural world
ExperienceA documentary cameraman/DOP on multiple camera systems for over 10 years, has a drone pilot licence and has spent lots of time in remote areas, working in challenging conditions.
Skills Has honed his craft through years of practical experience in capturing stunning visuals and compelling footage. Is well-versed in using professional camera equipment and has a keen eye for framing shots that evoke emotion and tell a story.

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In addition to technical skills, has extensive knowledge of East Africa, particularly in the realm of dhows and maritime culture. He has traveled extensively throughout the region, conducting research, meeting experts, and building a network of contacts. This firsthand experience and deep understanding of the subject matter enable him to capture authentic and captivating footage that truly immerses viewers in the world of dhows.

Furthermore, he is well-versed in the latest drone technology and possess the necessary certifications and licenses to operate drones for aerial cinematography. This allows him to capture breathtaking aerial shots that add a new dimension to storytelling and provide a unique perspective.

He is a collaborative and adaptable team player, and understands the importance of effective communication, meeting deadlines, and working seamlessly with production crews. He is passionate about telling meaningful stories and believes in the power of visual storytelling to inspire and educate audiences.

My work is centred around finding self through journey. In connecting people with themselves, each other and the natural world. To help realise the connectedness of all things.To contribute towards a world of peace and abundance through harmony.

JEMIMA SPRINGMycelium Founding Member, Filmmaker, Network Builder, Systems Thinker
Speciality Area Public education storytelling, systems creation, capacity building
Experience 27 years in film and television making, content creation, training and facilitation
Skills Research, concept development, writing, directing, editing, producing, training

It is so inspiring to world every day with people and organisations dedicated to bringing about a healthier and more just world. Individually we can only do so much, but together we are unstoppable.

Speciality Area Storytelling through photography. Finding alternative ways to visualise the climate crisis, in ways that are multi directional and collaborative, and finding stories that bring the climate crisis into the everyday. Architectural, travel and documentary photography
Experience I have worked with various documentary teams over the years as both a behind the scenes photographer and collaborating directly to tell the stories. I am half way through an MA in documentary photography at USW. The focus of my research is around the role of photography in the climate crisis,

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and how it can be used to either placate or activate. I have also taught photography at various colleges, the last being CTSP in Cape Town where I led their landscape photography courses and excursions. My work has been published in many magazines and books.
Skills I am an experienced photographer and photography tutor with a unique eye. I have a large network of collaborators / colleagues in the UK as I have lived and worked there for many years. I am still doing my Masters at USW which gives me access to the latest research, talks, debates, forums in the documentary world. My mentor on the MA is a world class documentary climate activist who pushes me daily to dig deeper both inwardly and externally.

“It matters which systems systemise systems, which stories tell stories, which concepts think concepts. Mathematically, visually, and narratively it matters. Which figures figure figures, which systems systemise systems.” Donna Harroway, 2015 p 156-65

HAIDEE SWANBYFreelance Research, Writing, Material/Campaign Development
Speciality Area Print, social media, mobilising and policy
Experience Engagement in pan-African food sovereignty/ agroecology networks for 25 years playing many organising, project and media roles
Skills Policy, mobilising, material development, research, campaigning

I want to collaborate with like-minded people on regenerative initiatives.

STEFANIE SWANEPOELMycelium Founding Member, Creator, Communicator and Capacity Builder
Speciality Area Strategic communications for change
Experience 25 years in publishing (print, online), facilitating, strategy development
Skills Strategic communications, facilitation, writing, editing and research

Together we can do pretty much anything! The more that we share our ideas, creativity, love for people and planet, the more likely it is that a new way of being in the world will come to life.

LARA TAYLORMycelium Founding Member, Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor and Trainer
Speciality Area Human centred videos that tell stories that effect change
Experience 20+ years of researching, writing, producing, directing, filming and editing
Skills Listening, networking, creating compelling and educational videos

I am constantly amazed by the force and flow of the network of human beings that want to make a difference. It’s like a wave that slowly grows until it becomes a tsunami of transfiguration and love.

JACQUELINE VAN MEYGAARDENMycelium Founding Member, Filmmaker, Director, Producer
Speciality Area Documentary storytelling for change, concept development
Experience 10 years of storytelling using visual theatre, 15 years in documentary film and TV storytelling
Skills Writing, filming, photography, facilitation, strategic communications, impact producing

Creativity, adaptability, compassionate and regenerative thinking is the way forward, and doing this in collaboration with like-minded people just makes working and being so much more rewarding.

CATHY WILLIAMSCopywriter & Communication Strategist
Speciality Area Strategic marketing communications. Skilled writer and messaging strategist.
Experience 25+ years helping businesses and non-profits make a greater impact in print, online and in the media.
Skills Copywriting for websites, emails, digital and social media. Clear, strategic messaging and words that work.

The right words can inspire action, amplify impact and help build a fairer, more sustainable world.

Speciality Area Conceptualisation, Creative Direction, Photography & Editing.
Experience 7 years experience as a photojournalist, photographer, film editor, art installer and illustrator
Skills A passion to tell stories for the greater good of humanity, extensive years of photographic experience, imaginative and out of the box thinking a love to create beautiful things that soothe the psyche and a willingness for collaboration and peer learning.

Love is the antidote.

SONJA WOOLFFBrand Strategist & Creative Director
Speciality Area Brand strategist with experience in sustainable fashion, renewable energy and food systems.
Experience Worked as a project manager, brand manager, facilitator, copywriter in corporate across many different industries including tech, fashion, asset management, renewable energy, premium alcohol brands.
Skills From strategy to execution, Sonja is an experienced brand and business strategist who can work across multiple industries in creating sustainable change within organisations and guiding them on how to communicate it.

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I am a Brand & Marketing Strategist helping sustainable businesses build authentic connections with their audience. I have worked across several industries including tech and renewable energy and recognises the power of storytelling in creating change.