Water Stories Website

Motivated by the damaged state of our waterways, wetlands and oceans around Cape Town city, Water Stories is a website and community connection campaign with the goal of inspiring collective care for our water and shifting the narrative of environmental destruction. The recent drought in Cape Town showed us what we are capable of when we all work together; but also laid bare the cracks and flaws in the water supply and management system. Water Stories cultivates and curates spaces of connection, support and knowledge-sharing, online and in-person; to support communities who are at the sharp end of water poverty, and those who are celebrating and protecting water bodies in their neighbourhoods.

The website communicates the work of those who endeavor to restore life and health to oceans, rivers, aquifers, and wetlands in our city, highlighting citizens, community organisations, environmental managers and scientists involved in water research and cleanups. Water Stories dives into Cape Town’s water flows from a central map where visitors can find information and stories, linking activists and organizations, sharing water-related research and narratives, and connecting the nearshore ocean, riverine and freshwater systems with the urban water cycle. Our Blog and Calendar invites interactivity from the water community and closes the story-telling loop by providing an interactive platform for water research and community stories, with useful, clear information that promotes action.

Water Stories is produced and hosted by Mycelium in collaborative partnership with Environmental Humanities South (UCT), the SANOcean Project, and the Department of Environmental Nano Sciences in the Department of Chemistry at the University of the Western Cape.

Executive Producer: Jemima Spring
Content Producer: Jacqueline van Meygaarden
Designer: Natalie Nolte