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Local Wild Food Hub Video

The Local Wild Food Hub is a voluntary association with the mission of engaging people in getting to know, cultivate, and use the forgotten local indigenous and wild foods of the Cape.


The Beginning: Stop Frame Animation

Shortlisted for a 1min, mobile phone, French Film Festival competition: Making Peace with Nature. This video uses stop frame animation to show the simplicity of compost making.


Plastic Tide Video

Amazing rescue & research done for seal and cormorant entanglements by the Two Oceans Aquarium, V & A Waterfront and Sea Search Research and Conservation.


Izivunguvungu ‘Sudden Strong Winds’

Kader Williams and his team have shifted the winds for many underprivileged children. A place he comes from and knows too well. Through his commitment and love of the sea he changes perspectives and possibilities for these children.


A Ripple Effect Video

What happens when you bring artists, scientists, city officials and aquatic ecosystems together? What unfolding ideas, discoveries or new images arise out of collective thought and action across different disciplines? This was the premise and provoking statement of the EITZ / SANOcean art meets science workshop and followed by this video from the event.


Mother Natures Tunes | 5050 Story

We might not understand what they’re saying, but just like us, other species speak or communicate with each other in their own “languages”. Meet scientists Tess Girdley and Simon Elwen, who are recording and studying how animals “speak”.


Cape Town Wetlands City | 5050 Story

Wetlands are some of the most threatened ecosystems in the world, yet they are amongst the most important. Our most famous and biggest wetland is the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, but there are thousands of smaller, and equally valuable, wetlands across the country.


Urban Food Futures

Foodweb.city was developed over a 12 month period for the Urban Food Futures Programme. The programme aims to contribute to a transformation of existing urban food systems and provide concrete solutions for more liveable futures in urban and peri-urban habitats. Foodweb is the online platform designed to present the monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) for the urban food systems research, analysis, implementation, advocacy and activism from the project’s primary research sites.


Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork is a short documentary episode that goes to Gugulethu and Ocean View in Cape Town, where we learn from two community led small-scale farming groups about the possibility of using food local production to build community resilience. This film is part of ten short documentaries that illustrate the flaws of the South African food system exposed through the COVID 19 pandemic.


IOI video on Zandvlei

IOI-SA uses Zandvlei Estuary as a case study in Estuary Management as part of the IOI-SA Course in Ocean Governance for Africa. The video focuses on the history of the Vlei, challenges for the estuary as well as management measures and ideas for the way forward.