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Cape Town Wetlands City | 5050 Story

Wetlands are some of the most threatened ecosystems in the world, yet they are amongst the most important. Our most famous and biggest wetland is the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, but there are thousands of smaller, and equally valuable, wetlands across the country.


WWF videos on Groundwater

Since the drought in the Western Cape, groundwater has become a debated topic, and an interest in boreholes, springs and aquifers has grown. World Wildlife Fund South Africa (WWF-SA) commissioned Mycelium Media Colab to produce two educational videos that explore our underground water in Cape Town.


Vanity & the Planet – 50/50 story

12 minute feature story produced for the SABC environmental show 50/50 that takes a closer look at the environmental price tag of the fashion and beauty industry.


Self Care Course – Activate Academy

In our society, the need for hope, self-belief, self-love is at an all-time high. This course is a journey of self reflection, self love and self care. In it learners are guided on a journey to really get to know themselves… They gain a better understanding about what has shaped them, they explore what brings them joy and we share resources and information on where to seek further support should triggers arise


ReNature Promo Video

reNature is a compilation magazine series that paints a picture of the regenerative, sustainable world that is possible if we bring a better understanding and respect for Nature and our relation to her, back into all aspects of human life. This project is in development and we are currently seeking sponsorship.


All Woman TV

Just real women, having real conversations about real things. Not a new concept right? But how about we throw in diversity of age, race and culture? How about we get different opinions delivered in a way that celebrates the beauty and complexity of the female mind, body and soul? All Woman TV is a talk show that celebrates all the ways of being woman, and created collaboratively by Gang of Creatives, directed by Jemima Spring.