Kos Gangsters – Best Documentary Award

In December 2020, Lara Taylor won Best Documentary Award at the Mobile Moviemakers Cape Town Film Festival for her mobile video “Kos Gangsters”. The video was filmed at the Ocean View Farm and focuses on two of the female farmers. Coming from the harsh environment of Ocean View, their stories highlight the strength and courage that these women have.


Down to Earth Screenings at the Labia

During March and April 2019, Mycelium Media Colab co-hosted a number of screenings of the documentary film, Down to Earth at the independent Labia Cinema in Cape Town. Down to Earth is a 90-minute film about a British couple with three young children who spent five years journeying across six continents, living with indigenous tribes and “earth keepers” on a quest to learn their ways and gain new perspective.


Water Stories

WaterStories.co.za is a community-centred project focused on watershed cleanup and minimising river and ocean contamination pathways, which aims to connect people through their stories of trying to create healthier, more habitable watersheds; and through building care and concern for local species, including otters, crabs, fish, birds, and frogs; care for soils and their fauna; and care for emerging urban farmers.


Times Live Series

This series was commissioned by Activate! Leadership, to highlight the inspiring people that have passed through their doors. Their Change Drivers programme equips Activators with innovation & project planning skills. They explore aspects of leadership & values; and offer an understanding on how to navigate the socio-political landscape.


All Woman TV

Just real women, having real conversations about real things. Not a new concept right? But how about we throw in diversity of age, race and culture? How about we get different opinions delivered in a way that celebrates the beauty and complexity of the female mind, body and soul? All Woman TV is a talk show that celebrates all the ways of being woman, and created collaboratively by Gang of Creatives, directed by Jemima Spring.


iThuba – Creating Opportunity

iThuba is an empowerment project that started in 2012. It was developed as a 3 hour training program for previously disadvantaged Grade 11’s and 12's from the townships to help prepare them for the difficult job market they face on leaving school.