Vanity & the Planet – 50/50 story

12 minute feature story produced for the SABC environmental show 50/50 that takes a closer look at the environmental price tag of the fashion and beauty industry.

Unsustainable and unethical manufacturing practices and the use of harmful chemicals and additives are still the norm in the global fashion and beauty industry, worth billions upon billions of dollars. Having felt the difference in her skin from using organic products, Kia Johnson goes on a mission to find South African skincare and fashion brands that offer earth-friendly and ethical alternatives, like Hey Gorgeous! and Zikhona Tefu’s O’live range.

Up to 85% of manufactured clothing ends up in landfills and more than one third of ocean microplastics are released by washing synthetic fabrics. Water resources are also depleted and poisoned in vast quantities through textile production. Guided by sustainable fashion guru Jackie May of twyg magazine and the Sustainable Fashion Awards, Kia checks out designers like Research Unit and Seeland, before diving into a fun clothing swap with a bunch of eco-conscious women.

Director & Editor: Jemima Spring
Producer: Liezel Vermeulen
Presenter: Kia Johnson