Urban Food Futures – Foodweb.city 

Foodweb.city was developed over a 12 month period for the Urban Food Futures Programme. The programme aims to contribute to a transformation of existing urban food systems and provide concrete solutions for more liveable futures in urban and peri-urban habitats. Foodweb is the online platform designed to present the monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) for the urban food systems research, analysis, implementation, advocacy and activism from the project’s primary research sites: Nairobi, Kenya; Cape Town, South Africa and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This platform functions as the data collection ‘hub’ and a holding space for all the learnings and information gathered through this programme. Mycelium worked as the communication collaborator, with our team working as writers, designers, strategic communications strategists, editors, filmmakers and more.

Client: TMG Think-Tank
Weblink: foodweb.city