ReNature Promo Video

reNature is a compilation magazine series that paints a picture of the regenerative, sustainable world that is possible if we bring a better understanding and respect for Nature and our relation to her, back into all aspects of human life. People have forgotten that we are as much part of nature as the animals and the trees.

“Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” Chief Seattle

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges the world is currently facing, but in reNature we can escape to a place where things are hopeful and empowering, people are getting on with the business of living a sustainable life and rehabilitating the mess we’ve made. We are left motivated, intrigued and with practical, achievable ideas to try in our own lives.

The environmental challenges we face everyday can be overwhelming. Many of us feel powerless and helpless in the face of climate change and dwindling resources.. We are living in a pivotal era. We can either adapt to the situation, or be the victim of an economic system which is in denial. This magazine program hopes to show ordinary people how to thrive by adapting their lifestyles. This is the new normal. It requires inovative solutions and they are being invented around us every day. We can learn from each other. It is not too late to make a difference.
In each episode, nature enthusiast and passionate mom, Kia Johnson guides us through an inspiring, informative and entertaining selection of 6-8 videos of 2-5 min that explore different aspects of sustainability and regeneration. Her links are funny and informative, shot in locations that show the possibilities when we reNature our habitats.

Videos are sourced from independent filmmakers, sustainability practitioners and NGOs at the cutting edge of social and environmental regeneration and repackaged into a host-led eco-living magazine show that demonstrates how ecological design can transform the world.

Content is balanced to cover a range of sustainable living themes perspectives from different spaces and communities many different situations being transformed by ecological thinking.

Themes include:
FOOD Gardening, agro-ecology, foraging, recipes, urban agriculture initiatives.

WATER Capture, management, distribution, treatment, industry and mining water usage. Water threats and water services. Creating better understanding of the water issue on a local and global level. Getting the people’s perspective.

ENERGY Creating awareness of energy problems and solutions: Why loadshedding? Creating a better understanding of how our energy infrastructure works, how it is changing, and what you can do to adapt.

WASTE Where does your plastic wrapper end up? Plastic pollution in the Capes water ways. Recycling initiatives, upscycling projects, searching for solutions together.

HABITAT Ways to build economically and ecologically-eco architecture. Amazing, inspiring eco-homes.

NATURE & ECOSYSTEMS Connecting human settlements with natural ecology; creating an appreciation for local natural habitats, flora and fauna. Using the science of biomimicry to adapt our systems to work more efficiently by styling them on the engineering used in nature.

LIVELIHOODS Sustainable enterprises and sustainability in business; making a living from regeneration and sustainability.

HEALTH & HEALING Natural medicine, community health, healthy living tips. Interviews with experts. Recipes

COMMUNITY & SOCIETY Community-based initiatives; sustainability and regeneration in education, Parenting tips: ways to help your children keep their connection with nature in a digital world.

CREATIVE EXPRESSION Celebrating nature through artistic expression, music videos, storytelling, land art, sculpture and theatre.

CURRENT AFFAIRS News and background on issues that affect us globally and as a city eg the Seed Bill, GMO legislation, nuclear power.

Videos will use various storytelling styles from project stories, to personal profiles, journalistic pieces, citizen storytelling, music videos, mini-documentaries, how-to-do-it and nature-related art installations.

The tv series is supported by additional material and interactivity on social media and Youtube, creating a conversation with the audience, which in the next phase becomes a citizen storytelling initiative.

ReNature is produced by Mycelium Media Co-operative, which brings together the talents, skills, resources and energy of filmmakers and multi-media artists committed to telling regenerative stories across all platforms that inspire a common vision and movement for a healthy, sustainable future for all.

“Humans merely share the earth. We can only protect the land, not own it.”
Chief Seattle

Co-written and produced: Jemima Spring, Lara Taylor, Jacqueline van Meygaarden, Stef Swanepoel, Natalie Nolte
Filmed and Edited: Natalie Nolte
Presenter: Kia Johnson