A Ripple Effect Video

What happens when you bring artists, scientists, city officials and aquatic ecosystems together? What unfolding ideas, discoveries or new images arise out of collective thought and action across different disciplines? This was the premise and provoking statement of the EITZ / SANOcean art meets science workshop and followed by this video from the event.

On November 3rd 2022, SANOCean project, the EITZ Collective and Mycelium Media Colab hosted a workshop gathering, SANOCEAN – Ripple Effect Exhibition in the Association for Visual Arts (AVA) in Cape Town city centre. The idea was to see how these different responses to water challenges get people to think across the scientific and artistic spaces. Find out more here.

Produced and directed by Jacqueline van Meygaarden and Jemima Spring. Filmed and edited by Lara Taylor