We are a network of changemakers, regenerators and multimedia creatives working on different aspects and at different scales but all with the same passion to bring about a better world. A critical element necessary for large-scale transformation of our social and economic systems is the ongoing co-creation and sharing of knowledge.

DENISHA ANANDBiodiversity Project Manager and Researcher
Speciality Area Research, storytelling, facilitation, environmental education, restorative conservation
Experience 5 years in biodiversity project management, environmental education: generating learning material, workbooks, workshops etc., management of a 109 ha wetland system, 4 years of immersive environmental anthropology (multispecies ethnography) in the northern cape.
Skills I sit on a section 80 committee for water quality of wetlands and waterways as a community conservation specialist, I’ve built strong community centered networks in the socio environmental space, and am a socio environmental activist.

I live and act for the restorative justice of both place and person.

DISNEY ANDREASCommunications Officer
Speciality Area Social media, photography and videography
Experience 5 years in the multimedia space
Skills Strategic planning

I promote sustainable development in biodiversity and the conservation of natural resources for the benefit of future generations. I believe in creating safe spaces and platforms for unheard voices to be able to share their messages including challenges faced and success stories.

Speciality Area Social & environmental impact sector
Experience Working in the social & environmental impact sector for over 10 years, consulting with and producing stories for various nonprofits and academics.
Skills Impact Story Telling: Concept Development, Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Learning Design: Design, facilitation & training

I believe storytelling has a central role to play in building a sustainable, integrated and compassionate community.

VANESSA FARRResearcher and Activist
Speciality Area Gender and (armed) violence; water; agroecology; international environmental and gender Treaties; citizen science and participation in governance
Experience Twenty years of working on the gendered impacts of militarism and coloniality, and their environmental impacts
Skills A multi-disciplinary feminist analysis of the socio-economic & environmental impacts of patriarchy; analysis, theorizing, writing and public speaking; networking and fund-raising

I embrace the principle that to work ecologically is to work in relationships of responsibility and care for all that gives life.

HANNAH HOPPERCommunications Officer
Speciality Area Organic agriculture
Experience Academic research, communications support, mentoring and teaching youth
Skills Communications and research

I am looking to share knowledge and experience with others passionate about regenerative systems, and can offer both practical and academic knowledge. I am currently pursuing my post graduate in Sustainable Development.

KIA JOHNSONMycelium Founding member, TV & Radio Presenter, Producer
Speciality Area Skilled TV and radio presenter and teacher within the media space.
Experience Over 13 years in radio, over 10 years in TV
Skills Presenting, producing, teaching, writing, media management, master of ceremonies, voiceover artist, voice actress

If we can find balance within the various internal and external issues we all face in our world and be proactive and find ways to meet each other halfway this planet will soon be a better place. I believe you should always reach for the stars and never forget to take your fellow human being on the journey with you.

MANDY LOMBERGGraphic Designer & Teacher
Speciality Area Multimedia
Experience Teacher, video producer, graphic artist, developer of educational messages, writer of children’s story activity books, layout artist. Creator of ‘Hero in my Hood’ educational books which encourage children to be courageous and kind.
Skills Graphics, layout, development of creative educational messages

My main focus is the creation of positive messaging, particularly with children and the development of empathy to create a kinder and more sustainable world/environment.

ODETTE MAVUNGACommunication Officer
Speciality Area Multimedia and regeneration
Experience Junior editor and production manager
Skills Editor, story writing, production and communication skills

I would like to make the world a better place by sharing knowledge with people about the principles of organic agriculture, which are also good principles for life – health, ecology, fairness and care.

SIYABONGA MNGOMACommunications Officer
Speciality Area Agroecology
Experience Professional communications manager having worked with large and small organisations to build brands, engage stakeholders and institute effective communication mechanisms.
Skills Strategic communications function, including social media and activism.

I joined the network to share knowledge and collaborate in the regenerative sector. I add value by offering food systems impact solutions, and in activism for change.

NATALIE NOLTEMycelium Founding Member, Graphic & Web Designer and Filmmaker.
Speciality Area Visual communication for regeneration and education
Experience 20 years in multimedia in international spaces
Skills Digital artworking, typography, layout, branding, print production, web design and implementation, content creation for education, videography, video editing and directing.

In each choice we make, we create the world we experience. I want to live and share the possibilities of a regenerative and healthy existence. Mycelium is a space to explore this together, and explore what it means to truly collaborate on this journey.

FORTUNATE NYAKANDAAgricultural Activist
Speciality Area Organic/ ecosystem-based farming systems
Experience 30 years in the transformative food and farming system space with a focus on advocacy and capacity building work, and holding national, regional and international leadership roles in this regard.
Skills I bring my network and experience in transformative system work to this network.

My work entails empowering communities to farm in an environmental way, eat healthily and generate livelihoods while regenerating the environment. I want to learn from like-minded people that want to bring a sustainable, equitable world into being.

CLAIRE ROUSELLIllustrator, Researcher, Writer and Project Manager
Speciality Areas Graphic harvesting, handdrawn illustration and videos, writing, book making, craftivism, organising/project management, events,
Experience Has worked in a variety of community and organisational structures and in food systems, urban and small scale agriculture.
Skills Has rich and dense networks. The ability to creatively and strategically join dots between issues, systems and networks. A good understanding of the power of visual and creative tools to open up possibilities for new ways of thinking about the challenges we face.

I believe that hand drawn illustration, animation and graphic harvesting are powerful educational tools that help us to visualise the challenges and opportunities we face in organisations and social movements.

JEMIMA SPRINGMycelium Founding Member, Filmmaker, Network Builder, Systems Thinker
Speciality Area Public education storytelling, systems creation, capacity building
Experience 27 years in film and television making, content creation, training and facilitation
Skills Research, concept development, writing, directing, editing, producing, training

It is so inspiring to world every day with people and organisations dedicated to bringing about a healthier and more just world. Individually we can only do so much, but together we are unstoppable.

HAIDEE SWANBYFreelance Research, Writing, Material/Campaign Development
Speciality Area Print, social media, mobilising and policy
Experience Engagement in pan-African food sovereignty/ agroecology networks for 25 years playing many organising, project and media roles
Skills Policy, mobilising, material development, research, campaigning

I want to collaborate with like-minded people on regenerative initiatives.

STEFANIE SWANEPOELMycelium Founding Member, Creator, Communicator and Capacity Builder
Speciality Area Strategic communications for change
Experience 25 years in publishing (print, online), facilitating, strategy development
Skills Strategic communications, facilitation, writing, editing and research

Together we can do pretty much anything! The more that we share our ideas, creativity, love for people and planet, the more likely it is that a new way of being in the world will come to life.

LARA TAYLORMycelium Founding Member, Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor and Trainer
Speciality Area Human centred videos that tell stories that effect change
Experience 20+ years of researching, writing, producing, directing, filming and editing
Skills Listening, networking, creating compelling and educational videos

I am constantly amazed by the force and flow of the network of human beings that want to make a difference. It’s like a wave that slowly grows until it becomes a tsunami of transfiguration and love.

JACQUELINE VAN MEYGAARDENMycelium Founding Member, Filmmaker, Director, Producer
Speciality Area Documentary storytelling for change, concept development
Experience 10 years of storytelling using visual theatre, 15 years in documentary film and TV storytelling
Skills Writing, filming, photography, facilitation, strategic communications, impact producing

Creativity, adaptability, compassionate and regenerative thinking is the way forward, and doing this in collaboration with like-minded people just makes working and being so much more rewarding.