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October News 2022

As Spring comes to an end and Summer starts to take hold, we see flowers, fruits and seeds revealing themselves in abundance. Cape Point’s white carpet of everlastings are spreading over the gentle hills and vibrant orange and yellow nasturtiums are on every pavement and crack. For a while now, us at Mycelium Media Colab, have been hatching up a scheme to grow our mushrooms. Our tendrils have always been reaching, connecting and spider webbing. We have been blown away at the organic flow of our co-op but finally we have made it official and our network is evolving. Finally we have new members from all over Africa whom we welcome into this space with open arms. Ready for what they bring, the challenges, solutions and most importantly growth and change.

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September 2022 News

Spring is in the air and as I write it is the Equinox where day and night are in balance. Flowers are popping up everywhere, the air smells fragrant and there is something different about the quality of the light that comes with the return of the sun. I am currently in Johannesburg where everyone is waiting with bated breath for the return of the rains, and the amazing smell that comes from the earth as it soaks up the drops; whilst in Cape Town we have been watching the levels of the dams wondering if there has been enough to see us through the hot, dry summer months.

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August 2022 News

I love this time of year, as we move from darkness to light, coming out of a period of reflection to one of action. And more and more people are acting in efforts to avert the ecological collapse that we face, one brought about by both a careless and a callous disregard for the health of the ecosystems on Earth that sustain all life. We need to act on multiple levels to avert this crisis and to bring about the (re)emergence of human value systems that prioritise people and planet, not profits.

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July 2022 News

When I look back at the memories of my childhood it feels as if so many of those moments happened just yesterday. Forever etched in my mind like a loop of life that gets replayed over and over. While weekdays were dedicated to school, sports and cultural activities, weekends were when I could relax and enjoy being a kid. I slept in late, watched my favourite cartoons, wrote a little poetry (there was this side wall of our house I enjoyed climbing and once on top would get the best view of Cape Town sunsets with Table Mountain as my backdrop while writing) and playing hopscotch in the road where I lived where my friends and I used bricks to mark the outline of the game

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